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Understanding how football is played is basic for all wannabee football stars.

Every young player wants to be a professional. You and thousands of other young boys and girls are dreaming of becoming a new Christiano Ronaldo, Messi, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Torres or Martha.

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In this site you'll find lots of tips about what you can do to develop your football skills and improve your understanding of the game. There are also tips on how you can learn to understand and analyze a football match. What's happening in the match?

What is it that Gary Lineker sees and understands while watching a game on TV or live at Old Trafford, but which you and your friends miss?

Check out our tips and learn more. Of all the millions of five to six year old kids starting in a football academy somewhere in the world every year in order to become professional players, only a few achieve the dream. But all the others will have much fun and many wonderful moments in a football career that gives them more fun and friendship than money and glory.

Regardless of where the career starts, or ends up, joy, training and willingness to play are fundamental to become a good football player. Talent beyond the ordinary, more training and stronger spirit than most of the other players will take you some more steps to the very top.

Our personal tips are aimed for everybody that wants to go beyond the ordinary team training, and develop him or her to higher levels.You will find advices on training on your own, how to develop your own technique, how to increase your understanding of the game. How your attitude can help you, how you can refine your special talent. In short: all you need to know for having more fun at the pitch, or even get e living out of your football skills.

TO THE TIPS: Improve your soccer skills.

TO THE TIPS: Improve your football understanding.

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